2024 Freedom Storm 150XH

The 2024 Freedom 150XH boasts sharp body muscle lines and domineering V-shaped headlights, exuding strength and elegance. The scooter has full LED lighting, and the taillights have a 3D shape design.

The maxi scooter is equipped with a 150cc water-cooled engine producing a maximum output of 14HP, reaching 70MPH is effortless. The 150XH has a 3.7 gallon super-large fuel tank, a rarity among 150 models of its level. Its fuel efficiency is impressive, reaching 107 MPG (EPA certified).

We attach great importance to your safety while riding, so we equipped the 150XH with front and rear dual-channel ABS. In the USA market, you can only find front ABS on a 150cc scooter in most cases. The avant-garde compact design and robust performance make the 150XH the perfect commuting tool.

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Storm 150XH Video Introduction​

Storm 150XH Introduction


150CC Water-Cooled Engine

What is the most essential part of a scooter? Yes, the ENGINE.

The Freedom Storm 150XH uses a 150cc water-cooled engine, the engine supplier also supplies engines to BMW. We choose this engine for performance and stability. It is the first-tier 150cc engine you can find in the industry.

The engine features a Double-side belt, Silnet start, Integrated water cooling system, High position lubricant injection system, etc. All of these technologies are developed to make an outstanding 150cc scooter. It is pretty impressive how silently it starts, as the sound is barely audible when it starts.

Freedom Storm 150XH is an EFI-based scooter and uses BOSCH ECU, the acceleration is super smooth and with the compact chassis, you will find it is so nimble to ride.

Freedom Storm 150XH ABS

Premium Features

Full LED Lighting

Keyless Ignition

Bluetooth Audio Systems

Built-In USB-A & USB-C Type Fast Charging Ports

Double-Channel Front and Rear ABS

Extra Front Storage Space

Auto Start/Stop engine technology

Silent Start

Freedom Storm 150XH Tail Light

Comfort & Performance

The Storm 150XH has a 14-inch front wheel and a 13-inch rear wheel, this is pretty common on a 150cc scooter. However, you can hardly find front & rear ABS on other 150cc scooters, and even HONDA 2023 PCX160 only has front ABS.

The seat height is about 30.7 inch, but the chassis is relatively narrower, which is more friendly to female riders, the seat cushion remains comfortable, we also provide a dedicated backrest for Freedom Storm 150XH. So you can have fun with your family or friend! 

The Freedom Storm 150XH is a good scooter for those who need performance and comfort.




149.6 CC, Water Cooled
Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke


83.5'' X 30.1'' X 52.4''
330 LBS


70 MPH, 107 MPG




F: 120/80-14
R: 130/60-13

Fuel Tank

3.7 Gallons
91 Octane or Higher


F: Disk Brake with ABS
R: Disk Brake with ABS

Fuel System


Storm 150XH vs Honda PCX

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