NEW 2023 Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter

The Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter is designed by Alessandro Tartarini, who is a well-known Italian motorcycle designer. He also works with many well-known manufacturers, such as Piaggio and KAWASAKI.

Introducing the latest addition to Freedom Scooter LLC’s lineup – the first-ever 300cc level model. With its sleek design, stunning LED lights, large fuel tank capacity, and exceptional performance, Storm-S is a top-of-the-line scooter featuring a water-cooled engine that delivers impressive acceleration and a smooth torque curve. It’s one of the fastest 300cc-class scooters available in the US market, making it suitable for various terrains and environments, including cities, highways, and backroads. We offer a wide range of colors for this model. Freedom Scooter has numerous dealerships located in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Storm-S 300 has rapidly become one of the best-selling 300cc-class Maxi Scooters in the USA and is already a hot product from Wottan Motor in Europe. Read the latest Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter review here.

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Storm-S 300 Video Introduction

Storm-S 300 Introduction

stunning appearance Storm S 300

Stunning 300cc Class Scooter

The STORM-S 300 Maxi Scooter is a visually impressive and compact machine that boasts a well-built body featuring high-quality parts. The frame is sturdy, and the multi-layer painting is exquisite. The front and rear LED lights give the scooter a sporty appearance, while the 3D-effect smoke dome on the rear side adds a complementary touch.

The Scooter boasts two cluster gauges specifically designed to display your speed and RPM, as well as a 5-inch color TFT display in the center of the dash.

Your driving experience is enhanced by the comfortable, cushioned seat and rubber footrest. The large tires and well-adjusted suspension system provide an ultra-stable ride.


Premium Features

Keyless Ignition

Dual Bluetooth Audio Speakers 

Intelligent Dash Shows ECU Data 

Built-In QC3.0 & PD Fast Charging Ports 

Double-Channel Front and Rear ABS 

Adequate Storage Space (1 Full-face + 1 Jet helmet) 

Semi Slick Tires For Better Tire Grip


Reliable Performance

The Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for even novice riders to master within minutes. Its hassle-free CVT transmission system eliminates the need for gear shifting; simply rotate the throttle and go.

Equipped with a 4-valve liquid-cooled engine, this scooter can easily reach 50 MPH and has a top speed of 85+ MPH, making it one of the fastest scooters available in the USA market. 

The scooter is also well-balanced for inner-city driving, allowing you to ride at slower speeds when necessary. With excellent braking systems, including front and rear double channel ABS, you can stop smoothly and precisely.


Fun & Practical

The Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter has an impressive top speed, making it one of the fastest models available.

Unlike motorcycles, this scooter provides a comfortable riding position, perfect for enjoying long trips and taking in the scenery without solely focusing on maintaining speed.

Plus, when running errands on rough backroads, the twin gas shock absorbers effectively reduce bumps and the large storage space allows for efficient transportation of multiple items in a single trip.


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276CC, Liquid Cooled
Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke


87.7'' X 31.0'' X 50.8''
366 LBS


85+ MPH, 65+ MPG




F: SEMI SLICK 120/70/15
R: SEMI SLICK 140/70-14

Fuel Tank

3.96 Gallons
91 Octane or Higher


F: 260mm Hydraulic Dual Disc, ABS
R: 230mm Hydraulic Single Disc, ABS

Fuel System

Delphi EFI

2023 Freedom Storm-S 300 Features & Changes

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