Got Scooter is an online shopping guide platform for scoots and moped for adults.

Our website offers a variety of transportation options, including gas powered scooters & mopeds, maxi-scooters, and motorcycles. We strive to provide helpful product reviews, share valuable knowledge, and direct you to reputable scooter distributors/dealers in your area.

Rest assured that all the products listed on our site have met our rigorous standards of quality.

With this being said, all the brands listed on our website are brick-and-mortar suppliers, so you can trust that you’re purchasing from reliable and trustworthy sources. These suppliers are committed to providing excellent support and service before and after your purchase. We strongly recommend test riding your gas powered scooter before making a final decision, as safety and durability are our top priorities.

We have deep cooperation with Freedom Scooters, and it was started by Chris Riggs, an avid scooter enthusiast who wanted to make a better scooter. He is tired of low-end, imported scooters constructed with poor body fitment & low-end components — he desired a premium product that was durable and affordable. The company offers a small-displacement 50cc scooter to a mid-displacement 300cc maxi scooter.

We strive to provide Americans with high-quality scooters at reasonable prices. Simply relish the experience of riding your scooter or motorcycle, while we search for the ideal product and suggest nearby dealers for you to consider.

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