Frequently Asked Questions about the Freedom Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter (Continuously Updated)

Greetings, owners of the Freedom Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter! Welcome to Got Scooter – a helpful resource for scooter enthusiasts. This article aims to address some frequently asked questions about the Freedom Storm-S 300, and will be regularly updated.

Our goal is to assist you in making the most of your scooter and enhance your overall experience.

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  • Where can I buy parts & get support for my Freedom Storm S 300?

    There are a few options you can get support from, you can try:

    1. Join our Facebook group, just search for Freedom Enthusiast Group and post your questions.
    2. Send an email to [email protected]

    Please be aware that the Storm-S 300 is sold by (2) USA Distributors in the USA, of which Freedom Scooters is one, the other is called Amigo.

    The Freedom Storm-S 300 has been improved based on the basic version, so if you purchased from Amigo, you will need to reach out to Amigo or your selling Amigo dealer in order to get the best service, but you are always welcome to join our Facebook community to share your experience.

  • How To: Re-Pair Key Fob On Storm-S 300 Maxi Scooter?

    1. Insert your key into the key slot.
    2. Turn the key from OFF to ON quickly, and repeat the process five times, each time takes 1 second.
    When you turn the key to ON for the 5th time, do NOT turn the key back to OFF.
    3. At the 5th time of the process, the key is at “ON” position, but you will see the blue light goes off.
    4. After the light goes off, hit the 3rd button on the key fob, and you will see the light goes on again
    after about 2-3 seconds.
    5. Switch the key back to OFF, completing the pairing!

    Watch the Re-pair Key Fob tutorial video if you need more help!

  • What tire PSI should I set for my Storm-S Maxi Scooter?

    It depends on your use scenario. If you always ride alone, you can set your front tire pressure to 29 PSI, and for the rear tire to 32.5 PSI; if you often get an accompany, you should set them to 32.5 PSI and 36 PSI respectively.

  • How To: Adjust the Storm-S high-beam light?

    It is possible to adjust your Storm-S high beam light. If you feel the light angle is too low, you can adjust it.

    It is very easy to do, and you need to use a slotted screwdriver and adjust the screw behind the headlight. Here is where the screw is located.

    screw to adjust highbeam light

    If you still do not know how to do it, email Got Scoots today and we will send you a guide video.

  • How To: Reading Codes on a 2022+ Storm-S 300 (Delphi ECU)

    1. Hold the Right Button below the dash for 3 seconds.
    2. After that, you will see your ECU data on the dash, hit the Right Button again to see all the data.
    3. Hit the Left Button and it will pull up all the codes for you, then you can call your shop or dealers to troubleshoot for you.
    4. Hit the Left Button again to enter Settings, in Settings, you can reset some Data such as miles, or adjust time, etc. Just press the Left Button to select items to change.
    5. To exit, press the “Exit” button to go outside; If no item is selected, pressing the “Right” button to exit works too.
    6. If the issue is fixed, you need an ECU tool to clear the codes, the tool can be purchased or loaned from Freedom Scooters.
    7. Contact our Freedom dealers for further help.

    Watch How to Read Codes on Freedom Storm-S here.

  • How To: Change your lock on your Storm-S 300

    1. In order to replace the Storm-S 300 lock, you will need to open the plastic parts and the headlights of the scooter, follow the video here on how to remove Storm-S 300 headlight.
    2. After the headlight is removed, you will be able to see the lock.
    3. Remove the bolts on the lock; there is 1 at the top and bottom.
    4. Pull out the lock, remove the seat and fuel tank cover cable from the old lock, remove the wire connector, and connect them to the new lock.
    5. Fix the new lock with the 2 bolts before you put the headlight back, test if the seat cover & fuel tank cover work, or need to adjust the cables by adjusting nuts.
    6. Install the headlights and plastic parts back.
    7. If you are not sure about the parts, read the Storm-S part list on this page.

  • Where can I get my scratched motorcycle and scooter fixed?

    The answer is Sherwin Williams Automotive Paint Stores. All you need to do is ride your motorcycle/scooter/car to the store, they can take a scan of your paint, which gives them your color code. With that, they can mix up touch-up paint for around $20!

    Find the Sherwin-Williams location near you!

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